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The crypto-currency cryptocurrency has been surging in value over the past month, jumping from around $0.5 per coin to $50 in a few days, according to Coinmarketcap.com.

The gains have pushed the value of cryptocurrency tokens, also known as altcoins, above $6 billion in market capitalization, and more than double the value at the beginning of the year.

Bitcoin, a digital currency, is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, which are a type of digital assets that are created and traded by computers around the world.

Cryptocurrencies have long been used for trading, particularly in the cryptocurrency world, where they are traded on a global scale.

The cryptocurrency world is home to a number of cryptocurrencies that are used in various forms to make purchases, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and others.

The latest rally comes as the cryptocurrency space continues to grow and is seeing new entrants to the market.

Some cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity, and many of them have been traded on exchanges such as Coinbase and Coinbase-owned Gemini.

The value of the crypto-currencies have also been on a rapid climb, reaching new all-time highs in December.

A growing number of cryptocurrency startups are also looking to use cryptocurrency to pay for advertising, promotions, and other products and services.

However, the price of cryptocurrency has soared over the course of the past few months, as it gained traction as a means to pay back the debts owed to banks and other financial institutions, according the CoinMarketcap.

The growth in cryptocurrency use also has led to an increase in the number of altcoins.

Bitcoin is one cryptocurrency that is often used as a way to make payments.

Many altcoins have gained traction recently as well, and the value has also risen over the last few months.

For instance, Dashcoin, which is based on the altcoin bitcoin, has surged over the weekend and has surpassed the $7,500 mark in value.

The altcoin was created by a group of anonymous users who believed that Dash was too volatile and that the cryptocurrency could be easily manipulated.

The price of the cryptocurrency has risen by a huge amount over the next few months as well.

Bitcoin had gained a total of $11 billion in the last 12 months, according CoinMarketCap.com, but has since lost all of that value.

Dashcoin has also seen an increase, reaching its all-day high of $4,400 in December and then dropping to $2,700 on Monday.

There are many more altcoins on the rise.

A cryptocurrency called Ripple, which has gained popularity recently, has been trading at a price of $1,500 in December, but now is trading at $2.50.

Bitcoin has gained more traction as of late as a currency that is used as an online payment system and as a store of value.

This has led many of the altcoins to rise as well as some that have declined in value, including Litecoin.

The number of companies that use cryptocurrency is growing as well with more than 10,000 companies in the space, according data from the Blockchain Association.

Bitcoin has also become more popular as a payment system, with more people using cryptocurrency to make digital payments than ever before, according an infographic published by CoinmarketCap.

It also has become the second-most popular cryptocurrency after Ethereum.

Other cryptocurrencies that have seen gains in value include Dash, Lisk, and Monero.

Dashcoin was launched in 2016 and is now valued at around $100.

Monero, which was launched last year, has risen to around $3,700.

The Crypto Fund, an organization that monitors the market for new altcoins and cryptocurrencies, has found that cryptocurrency tokens have gained more value since the end of the second quarter.

They have now increased by over 4,000 percent.

The crypto currency has also gained in value by an estimated 30 percent, according Crypto Fund.

The value of altcoin tokens has increased as well over the years, as many altcoins are gaining value due to the growing use of cryptocurrency.

A number of new cryptocurrencies have also entered the market recently, including Ethereum, Dash and Monaro.

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