A sports car part in a Mumbai factory


Mumbai, May 15: The Mumbai-based sports car maker Hindustan Automotive Group is looking to start production of a small, compact sports car at its facility in Bangalore.

It plans to start with three vehicles, but says it has already taken orders for the rest.

The company said it is in talks with three manufacturers to start producing small sports cars for the Indian market, and hopes to have its first model in 2019.

It is aiming to make 50 units per month by the end of this year.

Hindustan Motors said it has started manufacturing of small sports car components, with the aim of selling them in its Bangalore factory.

(Source: Hindustani Automobile)The company, which is also in talks to produce small sports coupe, will produce the cars in three batches of 30 vehicles, Hindustans head of manufacturing operations Arjun Gogoi said.

The vehicles will be exported to India.

The small sports model will be built at the company’s facility in Bengaluru.

The new-generation sports car, a concept car, will have a range of 20,000km, which will be possible with the introduction of a rear-wheel drive system, Gogo said.

The company has a fleet of about 500 sports cars and 300 sport coupe cars.

The cars, which are not yet fully functional, will be used to test vehicles at its facilities, Goyoi said.(Source: Business Standard)The Indian market has been struggling to get traction in the car market with the entry of luxury models such as the Audi Q5, and a lack of demand from smaller models like the Renault Zoe, the company said.

India’s automobile industry had been hit hard by the financial crisis and is expected to see a decline in sales in the coming years.

sports car parts

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