When car parts are available, they’re cheaper than you think


More than a third of the world’s car parts come from China, a country that is the world second largest consumer of imported Chinese-made parts after the United States.

It’s the country where car manufacturing has been the focus of trade wars, but the Chinese government has been a major beneficiary of the industry, producing a lot of parts, from tires to body panels.

The government has also been the largest supplier of parts to other nations, from the United Arab Emirates to Japan.

There are hundreds of millions of dollars in direct and indirect trade in Chinese parts with the U.S., according to a report from the nonprofit group Transparent Trade Watch.

China has made an even bigger splash with its military industry, which has become the world leader in its own production of weapons and missiles.

The country has been known to build a massive military complex in the Gobi desert and a large airbase on its own soil, with an array of missiles and submarines.

There is even a secret airstrip in the desert where China can launch cruise missiles from.

China’s military is also a major source of foreign investment, with nearly half of all foreign direct investment into China in 2016 going into arms.

The United States is also heavily dependent on the Chinese military for a variety of military exports, with the Pentagon’s annual Defense Trade Controls Program (DTCP) spending $17 billion on Chinese military equipment.

In 2017, China spent more than $7 billion on U.N. peacekeeping and humanitarian aid programs, and it has been one of the top recipients of U.K. military aid.

In a recent interview with CNN, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said that the United Kingdom’s decision to withdraw from the U of A’s joint program with the Chinese National Defense University (CNNDU) was a “game-changer” in China’s defense industry.

Paul said that U.R.A. funding has been an “extraordinary gift” to the United Nations, and the program should be renewed.

The U.D.C.S.R., the Chinese state-run think tank, said last year that its military industrial base is worth nearly $8 trillion, with China the biggest beneficiary.

That’s not to say that China has been able to ignore its military’s role in global affairs.

Its military involvement in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq have drawn criticism from international organizations, which argue that China is engaging in gross human rights violations in those conflicts.

The Chinese government is also one of several countries involved in the UOAS, a global network of non-state armed groups, which have been accused of human rights abuses.

The organization has been accused by several states of carrying out human rights atrocities.

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