How a car part innovator transformed a London office into an innovation hub


By Tom BowerSource: The Guardian articleThe London office of a tech start-up has transformed itself into a hub for the technology industry, helping companies make innovative products.

The office is home to an entire division devoted to the new and emerging tech industry, with staff from the likes of Apple, Amazon and IBM in the area, according to a profile in The Times.

The London Office, which is run by the UK technology company R&D Lab, was the inspiration for an innovative office decor.

It was set up to allow businesses to share ideas and build a team, which could then move on to develop the final product.

“The idea of a company as a hub to build and collaborate on products was an idea we came up with when we were in the middle of creating a product for the office, and we saw an opportunity to take this concept to the next level,” said John Lacey, a partner at R&Ds Lab and the lead designer of the office.

The team spent months creating the office’s space, including a big room with a massive glass screen and a large projector.

The company also created a series of customised office furniture, such as a desk made out of reclaimed wood, and made the office feel like a hub from its first days.

“It’s not a office,” Lacey said.

The office was designed by R&d Lab’s design director, Ian Henshaw. “

We’re all very close-knit here.”

The office was designed by R&d Lab’s design director, Ian Henshaw.

It is home for the company’s new and expanding design team.

The firm is hoping to transform the office into a startup hub, which will allow companies to share new ideas and develop new products.

“This office is not a workspace; it’s a hub where people come together and build something together,” Laceys team said.

“We’ve built a brand new workspace, and a new way of working, with the aim of transforming the office as a startup, where ideas and collaboration are encouraged and rewarded, instead of locked into silos and hierarchical structures.”

The company hopes to attract a new generation of tech start up entrepreneurs and help build a new future for the city.

“I think it’s great that we have a hub that’s not just about people building stuff in London but a place for people to come together,” said Henshawn.

“I think this is an area where we can really tap into the next generation of business people who want to work on innovation, and I think it will help them to start their careers in this city.”

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