Google’s Car Parts API gets the axe


Posted December 05, 2017 07:04:10 Google has announced that its Car Parts APIs have been removed from its Chrome web browser, a decision that will see Google remove the ability for users to buy car parts on the Google Play Store.

Google said it had removed the API for two reasons: The company has been unable to meet the demand for car parts that has been generated by the launch of the Play Store, and there is no demand for these types of products in the Chrome web app.

Users will still be able to use Google Maps to buy cars parts online, but the Play store will no longer be available to them.

Google’s announcement comes after Google announced it would be shutting down the Chrome Web browser for two weeks in December.

The Chrome browser will not be updated to support the API, nor will any apps from Google Play be updated.

“It’s clear that we are in need of a new approach for developing apps for Google Chrome,” Google said in its blog post.

Google Play services have traditionally been designed around third-party apps and have typically not provided users with access to third-parties’ APIs.

In addition to the API’s removal, Google has been working on a new web app that is currently in beta testing.

This app, dubbed Chrome OS, will allow users to build apps that run on Google’s own servers.

The beta app will be available in a beta state as of the beginning of the month.

Google is also making some changes to the way that Chrome OS works.

In an update to its documentation, the company said it is looking to move away from the old approach of providing a static web app, known as the “app server,” to instead relying on a hybrid cloud-based app.

The cloud-hosted app will continue to be used for managing Chrome OS devices, but it will no more be responsible for providing the same level of security and performance to users as Google apps.

Google also plans to update Chrome OS to include the ability to use a third-platform API called “cloud security.”

Google’s new approach will make it easier for developers to build secure apps that will be compatible with Chrome OS and the Chrome browser.

The company also announced that it will be rolling out a new API to support third-world countries, but will not include the language of those countries into its API.

“The new API will allow countries to provide their own APIs for local support, so they can provide more localized support to developers,” Google wrote.

“We are excited to see developers build with this new API and hope that we can make it even easier for them to build more secure apps for their local markets.”

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