Conservatives plan to scrap a new law on car jackparts


Conservatives are planning to scrap the controversial “Junkyard Carjack Protection Act,” the latest in a string of recent legislative initiatives to eliminate vehicle-jacking laws.

The Conservative government has previously said it wants to scrap vehicle-jack laws as soon as possible, but Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan said the government has no plans to repeal them, The American Conservatives reported.

The law, passed by the Canadian Conservative Party last year, imposes a 10-year jail term on anyone who has any part of a vehicle that could be used to commit a vehicle-related crime.

The Liberals, meanwhile, have pledged to introduce legislation that would require police to use a warrant to seize carjacking equipment from owners suspected of illegally using it.

In its annual report to Parliament last month, the Liberal government said it had passed a bill to remove the existing vehicle-jeep law and instead “introduce a mandatory and targeted enforcement program to reduce vehicle-hacking incidents.”

It said the legislation would provide “strong financial incentives for police officers to act to protect vehicle owners from vehicle-possession crime.”

A recent government study said the law has a significant deterrent effect, though it did not specify how.

The study found that police had seized more than 7,300 vehicles and other objects during the past five years, including carjacks and thefts.

The Conservatives have already proposed changes to the vehicle-jamming legislation in the past.

In March, Conservative MP Marc Garneau introduced a bill that would have eliminated vehicle-hauling laws and replaced them with “the law of the land,” a new vehicle-picking regime.

The government has yet to offer a response to that proposal.

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