Why car parts from Amazon are fake


A recent article on Cars.com revealed some of the fake car components sold at Amazon.

But in another post, Car Talk host Andy Greenberg pointed out some of these products actually came from Amazon.

The article also said that Amazon was one of the most prolific sellers of fake car accessories, and that the company was “one of the few manufacturers that still carries its own fake parts”.

Amazon has not responded to Ars Technic’s request for comment.

The report is just one of several pieces of evidence that suggest fake car component manufacturers are actively trying to trick customers into buying items that they claim are fake.

For instance, a 2014 report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission said that car parts sold at car dealerships often were “laced with potentially dangerous chemicals” and contained “non-food ingredients” such as lead, mercury, and cadmium.

A 2012 report from Consumer Reports, another consumer watchdog, found that some manufacturers were “actively marketing products that are potentially hazardous, even unsafe”.

The report also cited an incident in which an Amazon car dealer had “used a plastic tray to place a new engine in a car that had been previously driven without a gas tank”.

And a 2012 report by Consumer Reports said that fake car manufacturers were trying to sell cars that contained “durable” components, such as tires and body panels.

A spokesperson for Amazon said that the Amazon car repair company was currently looking into the report and the safety concerns.

car part com fake car parts

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