What’s the future of the car parts business?


In the coming years, the car industry will likely undergo some fundamental changes, with consumers moving away from traditional car parts manufacturers and toward the new technology-driven car marketplaces.

That means car parts companies will be less interested in keeping their existing brands around and will likely look for new opportunities.

In order to keep up with the evolving market, companies will have to reinvent themselves.

Here are six trends that could change the way car parts are made and sold.1.

The New Automotive Industry: What’s in a name?

While car makers will likely be trying to stay relevant in the coming year, one area they might not be able to ignore is the new automotive industry.

While car makers are still very much a major player in the industry, there’s a growing trend towards automaker-centric manufacturing, where manufacturers focus on the production of products that are more in line with their customers’ needs.

Some automakers have begun to do this by taking on the role of “designers” or “design-build” companies.

While some designers can make a name for themselves in designing the next car or offering design services, other companies specialize in making vehicles and even designing parts for them.

The industry is also starting to diversify into other areas, like building a drone delivery service.2.

The Digital Car: The Next Car?

There’s a new era of cars on the horizon: a “digital car,” a hybrid or electric vehicle that’s powered by a connected car, tablet, smartphone or other connected devices.

Some of these cars have already been on the market for years, and they’re becoming increasingly popular.

But some car makers and other automotive technology companies are looking at making cars that run on digital sensors.

Some experts say that the trend will grow in the future as more connected devices and devices become connected.

In this new era, some of the biggest trends are in the car market itself.3.

The Future of Retail: Who Will Buy Cars?

The future of car sales will be heavily influenced by who purchases cars.

As the number of cars and other vehicles continues to rise, so will the number who want to buy a car, a trend that will likely accelerate over time.

There’s a big chance that we’ll see car shoppers move away from large corporations and towards individual consumers, while companies like Ford and GM are trying to build a larger user base.

The future of consumer purchasing is also being influenced by the consumer behavior of consumers themselves, which will change the ways that cars are sold and how they’re bought.4.

The Transportation Sector: What Changes Are Coming?

There are several trends in the transportation sector.

In the last few years, companies have been trying to figure out how to make a more connected and connected car.

Some companies are working on autonomous cars, while others are making cars with a range of sensors and cameras that can detect the driver’s location and speed, and even detect when the car is on its way.

Others are designing systems that will allow cars to use sensors to detect and track people who are nearby, while still maintaining the ability to make driving safe.

As autonomous cars become more popular, we’ll also see companies start to use radar to help them find people on their routes and on the road.

The next few years will also see the emergence of driverless cars, which could make it easier for people to buy and rent cars and provide a better way to navigate cities and areas.5.

The Electronics Sector: Who Owns Them?

As electronics companies grow, they’ll likely be competing for customers with companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and others.

There are a number of different types of electronics companies in the world, ranging from small companies like e-tailers to large companies like electronics makers.

Some industries will have more competition, while some will have less.

For example, e-commerce companies like Amazon and eBay have a lot of competitors, and some are still making some of their own products.

Some smaller companies have already begun to develop their own components.

The automotive sector has been one of the most aggressive players in the electronics space, and many of the new products being made in the automotive sector will come from companies like General Motors and Nissan.6.

The Technology Sector: Will There be More Technology Companies?

We already know that companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft will be the main players in this new industry, but the automotive industry is expected to grow much more rapidly in the next few decades.

The major players will be Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

The big tech companies are still relatively new, but they are growing fast.

For many years, it was easier for them to create products and services than for smaller companies, and it was cheaper for them than for others.

The rise of mobile and connected devices will help companies like Google and Facebook to gain even more market share in the connected car market.

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