Jegs’ car parts: Can it be bought new?


Jeg’s car parts and parts suppliers have been the subject of a long-running battle over prices and access to the world’s largest car parts market.

The government is looking to introduce a new regime to deal with what is seen as a potential monopoly.

The industry has been lobbying the government for months to get a better deal.

But the industry has so far been unsuccessful in getting a guarantee from the government that prices would be set by competitive forces.

A spokeswoman for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said there were some exemptions to the regulation, but it was not clear whether they would apply to Jeg.

“If there’s a need for certain items, those will be subject to a specific exemption, and we will look at that to determine if there is any specific exemption to the legislation,” she said.

The ABC understands that the exemption will be in place for parts that are used in cars manufactured by the major car companies.

It comes as the government is set to introduce the Consumer Price Index for October, which will also see the price of some car parts jump.

But that could not be confirmed until the final consumer price index figures are released next week.

The CPI will also introduce a benchmark for car insurance premiums, which is set at $25,000 a year for a family of four.

This benchmark will rise to $50,000 for a couple.

The price of cars with the highest insurance premium has been set at between $20,000 and $30,000.

The federal government is trying to make the price index a reliable indicator of consumer demand for car parts.

But it has faced criticism that the CPI’s calculation is not based on the market.

Mr Andrews says the Cpi will help drive demand for parts, but critics argue the calculation is flawed because it is based on a basket of factors that have nothing to do with car prices.

The ACCC is considering whether to intervene in the case, but the Government says the regulator will not interfere with the price measurement of the CFPI.

The Government has been criticised by car industry figures for the price hikes in recent months, including the $30 billion price increase on a range of consumer goods and services.

In response to the concerns, the ACCC has said that the market is currently more flexible and that the government will continue to work with the industry to ensure that the pricing of consumer items is set by competition.

The Competition Commission said the regulator has been meeting with car industry representatives.

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