Irish car parts depot gets $50m from US company


The Irish car dealerships depot at the National Carrier of Parts in Florida received a $50 million US contract to supply parts for the US fleet of Chevrolet Cruze and GMC Sierra pickups, according to The Irish Telegraph.

The contract covers the supply of the Chevrolet Cruse with a variety of components including body panels, grilles, roof panels, door panels, front and rear bumper covers, bumpers and the hood.

The contract also includes the assembly of bumper plates and body panels.

In a statement, the National Car Dealers Association said the contract was part of a “significant, strategic partnership” between the Irish Car Dealership Association (ICDA) and GMP.

It added that the procurement of the parts is the result of the work of “a dedicated team of people, and a commitment to providing our customers with quality products”.

The contract includes $4.5 million for production of bumper panels, $1.5 billion for the assembly and $1 million for the installation of bumper covers.

It is estimated that the total procurement cost of the contract will be between $2 million and $2.5m.

The National Car Dealer Association said that the agreement with GMP is part of the company’s efforts to ensure that it “isn’t the only player in the marketplace”, and said that it had previously purchased bumper covers from GMP for $20 each.GMP, which owns the Cruze brand, has been heavily criticised in recent years for its treatment of workers, with workers at the depot in Florida reportedly saying that their wages were not paid at all.

The company has denied that it is using its monopoly to force workers to work longer hours or to avoid paying the minimum wage.

Earlier this year, the company also faced a series of class action lawsuits in the US.

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