How to avoid buying the wrong strut car parts


Cars often have unique, but also quite common, parts that must be purchased by an independent car mechanic to make sure they work properly.

Some of the more common types of strut car-parts that must always be purchased include strut bolts, strut mounts, strut bushings, strut shock absorbers, strut springs, strut brackets, strut cams, strut fender covers, strut rear bumper covers, and strut rear spoiler covers.

The exact requirements for each strut car assembly vary by model, but some are more common than others.

Here’s what you need to know about buying strut car and strut car accessory parts: 1.

What are strut bolts?

The strut bolts are the bolts that hold the strut car’s strut body together.

They can be purchased separately or as part of a strut car kit.

The bolt’s primary purpose is to allow the strut body to flex without losing its ability to withstand a crash.

This is done by adjusting the angle of the bolt on the strut.

If the angle is too steep, the strut will be loose.

If too shallow, the bolt will not be able to fit properly.

The easiest way to tell if you need strut bolts is by examining the bolt’s bolts.

If you see them holding up a car’s front bumper, the front bumper is a strut body.

If they look like they’re holding up the front of a car that’s not a strut, you’re not looking at the right bolt.


What’s a strut shock?

A strut shock is an element that sits on top of a spring.

When a car is in motion, the shock is used to dampen the impact of the impact on the rear bumper.

When the car hits a bump, the spring exerts a force that causes the spring to bend in response.

If it’s too shallow or too strong, the stress on the spring can weaken it.

The spring’s weakness can cause the strut to bend and break.

When you see the bolt holding up your car’s rear bumper, you should be able that the shock’s strength is weakening the spring.


What is a shock absorber?

A shock absorcer is an additional piece of plastic that sits in front of the strut bolt.

When this piece of the spring is pulled, it pulls away from the bolt.

This creates a “squeeze” in the spring that prevents the spring from pulling away from a bump.

When it does, the body of the vehicle will shift, allowing the strut spring to expand and contract.


What should you avoid buying?

Although it’s not strictly necessary, it’s better to avoid strut bolts and strut shock kits that are sold separately.

You should avoid any parts that require a strut bolt, such as strut bolts for a strut front bumper cover, strut bolt for a rear bumper cover or strut shock for a front bumper.

Also, you shouldn’t buy any strut shock assemblies unless you can find them in an authorized dealer or factory.

Also avoid strut shock parts that are only available at an authorized dealership.

If you have questions about strut car or strut car accessories, contact an independent auto repair shop.

The number to call is 1-800-639-7000.

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